No elicenser number with Tascam us 122 MKII

Hi, Because a friend purchased a Tascam US 122 MKII bundled with Cubase LE 5 and he can’t get an e-Licenser number so he also can’t post a topic yet here, because he can’t finisch the activation. So I will ask help for him here.

The problem is there is no e-licenser number. We tried several things.
Downloaded the latest eLCC, no result. Unsinstall all software incl eLLC and inculding the files in the hidden “programdata” directory. Reinstall, no result. we did it again after changing the " DEP" settings, no result.

I don’t know how the e-licenser number is generated, does it need the driver of the soundcard (Tascam us 122 MKII)?
We had some problems with the driver too. (we installed driver V2.02, downloaded from, others won’t work on Toshiba C660-106 laptop with win7 64bit)

Please help us out, we spend too much time with this.

Beste regards Jos

Do you not have to log onto My Steinberg and request an activation code online?

That’s not what the manual tells me to do.
The e-Licenser code is not generated on de laptop. so I’m stucked

Tested on my 6 years old laptop 32bit win XP, works fine. Need LE 5 on new laptop.
Is it hardware of software why it won’t work.

Have you installed the 64bit eLic? Do you have the correct .NET framework installed?

Hi there,

Use the support request form inside your MySteinberg account to ask the support to help you generate a new Soft-eLicenser number.