No EQ automation on rewire tracks?

Doesn’t Cubase Artist 6 allow for EQ automation on rewire tracks?

I have a rewire track from Reason where I want to do this and even though I can add the lane (say, EQ - EQ 4 freq) and draw lines, the lines stay “gray” and inactive whether the Read automation button is green or not.

This works without problems on audio tracks in the same project.

Any ideas?

I don’t know the limitation of Cubase Artist. A couple of things I can think of, though.

Render or record the Rewire track to an audio track, and then automate the EQ.

If you have group tracks, send the Rewire track to the group channel and automate the EQ on the group channel track.


Yeah I was trying to avoid that…

I finally managed to figure it out. For rewire tracks, you have to enable the write automation button on the rewire track itself before adding the new automation lane and drawing lines. Just enabling read or write automation on the eq lane isn’t enough. This is confusing as it differs from audio tracks.

I’m at home, with Cubase Ai, and I can automate EQ on the Rewire- Channel.
Did you try to write enable the track and write EQ data just for Fun?