No equalizer win7?


I have Realtec HD audio codecs, but there is no multi band equalizer.
I use a headphone, but i hear no bass at all.
Using the equalizer in Media Player 12 have no effect.

I also use the equalizer in the mixer from Cubase, but then the bass wil be too prominent.

I tried to download AC’97 from Realtek, but i get errors and safety warnings.
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Please can you help me?

Splash the cash, get a proper sound card!

Cubase uses ASIO drivers so you can’t just have another program running in the background to EQ the signal, like Windows media player. You can try a free vst EQ, but the EQ in cubase can do the same.

What Split said is true though, realtec onboard soundcards are rubbish for anything other than playing music.

Is it possible to use a external soundcard via USB??

I also play games (witcher 2, oblivion).


Which external soundcard is both good for cubase and gaming?
(and with a equalizer?)

Erm, none I think :confused:
Good interfaces don’t usually have EQ onboard, because they rely on EQ set by the application. You wouldn’t want your interface to affect your signal after it’s left the software. As for gaming, anything is fine for gaming, there’s nothing special with gaming audio wise.

There are some very good interfaces with onboard EQ available, for very good reasons…

EQ on the outputs?


Well, please do give an example of an entry level audio interface suitable for basic DAW work that’s within his budget that provides an onboard EQ? That was his question :slight_smile:

I´m probably overlooking it, but neither do I see mentioned anything of “entry level”, nor any budget ( at least not mentioned by the OP), for me it simply is:

It was you who introduced the “good soundcards don´t have EQ” - part, which IMHO isn´t correct.
But feel free to correct me, if I overlooked the “entry level” / “budget” part, just as well, if I maybe overlooked a distinction between graphic- / parametric- / half parametric- / fully parametric EQ…
RME Babyface for example would be (IMHO) entry level though…

I took the liberty to translate ‘I use headphones’ and ‘I also play games’ into an entry level audio interface.
I suppose a babyface is entry level connectivity wise, but price wise it’s not exactly the cheapest option either. I didn’t know the babyface had EQ though, so that’s a point to you.

I usually don´t try to “translate” too much. Though one could translate, someone using Cubase (which is not exactly cheap also) can afford a decent interface (but then “decent’” is personal opnion again), especially if he´s asking for one, without giving a price tag. And as we can see, there´s always at least two sides of a coin… (having written that renders my former statement about not “translating” useless though… :wink: )


To get rid of the translating: Please post up your budget Jelle!

Maybe Im a bunnet, I dont see many people dropping 500 big ones on a DAW,and then plopping for a Soundblaster! :laughing:

He said “plopping” :laughing:

Anyway… there’s someone missing from this thread?

Sorry for my late answer:
My budget is around 100 euros.

I have a simple external soundcard (creative sound blaster), but i get a crackling noise every 2seconds (only in cubase).

Here’s some under or around €100:

In your case I would go with Alesis. It’s a real mixer which means you have guaranteed zero-latency monitoring. And you can also connect your SoundBlaster outputs to it, in which case you can use same speakers/headphones for both Cubase and gaming without need of re-patching cables.

Thanks for the tips. But i’m not sure that i resolve the crackling problem (read this topic), so i want a good advice before iwaste a big amount of money.
I have a RealTek onboard soundcard inside my laptop and purchased a external creative SB soundcard to add a EQ on my laptop.