No external effect in render

Rendering audio is not including my external effercts. I have set all my outbpoard up as a clip effect, a couple of plugins as well. Rendering takes like 1 minute on a 4 minute track, and no metering activities on my outboard. so obv nothing is going through that. What to do? Works perfect in 9.5 (on the master section obv)

Rendering takes like 1 minute on a 4 minute track

External FX is a realtime process, hence a 4 min tracks should take 4 minutes to render.
Do you see the Realtime rendering window when you render?

No, only when I copy the chain and put it on the master section. It plays back on the montage though. Tried both render and render(realtime)

To clarify, when I make a chain including external processing on the montage clip, it does not render in realtime. If I copy all settings of these effects and open them on the mastersection, it renders as it should, and the new realtime render window pops up. I can also monitor the render. However, I did experience a couple of dropouts in the monitoring, but the file did not have these dropouts. It did however sound duller. I did leave the gain boost on in the montage, and rendered it through the master section. Where in the chain is this gain applied? Pre or post montage effects?