No F1 pdf manual anymore?!


Why does pressing F1 link me to an online cubase help page?

Why is there no option to open a pdf of the manual in Cubase 9 unlike every other version of Cubase ever?

How do I change it so A. a PDF manual option shows up in Cubase and B. pressing F1 opens my PDF version of the manual and doesn’t open my browser and link me somewhere I don’t want to go?

Any ideas?

Yes, I am annoyed over this too.
Steinberg seem to assume all are online while working with audio.

So just support, no solution for you.

Or you could alter it to point to the PDF instead of the web site, then the PDF opens in your default browser instead.
There is a thread that discusses various ways of doing that, sorry on my way out the door no time to find it.

IIRC, that may not work anymore?

Still works for me C9.0.20