No Factory Templates in Hub

On a newly installed Nuendo 12 there are no factory templates showing under ‘Templates’ in the Hub. Just the echoing word ‘Empty’. Any suggestions most welcome, thanks! I am on a MacOS.

I don’t recall Nuendo coming with templates. I don’t have any other than those I’ve created.
You can use the templates that come with Cubase. Resaving as Nuendo projects/templates if you wish.

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Thanks Dean for your reply! Can you tell me how to resave a Cubase template as a Nuendo template? I have Cubase 12.

there’s a post that i made if I am not mistaken … you can copy Cubase’s template to use in Nuendo

Just out of interest: What would a factory template, completely unspecific to your work and your system, offer that you couldn’t do better (and more usefully) yourself?

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You’re right of course Dietz! But it might be useful for something I don’t know about. :wink:

Maybe the template “number one hit”?! :rofl:

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