No freebies for Nuendo 13 users?

It really hurts my feelings to see Cubase 13 users get all these cool freebies but nothing for Nuendo 13 users. Shame on you Steinberg for disrespecting the users of your flagship program like this. This is NOT how you build loyalty.


completely agree with you

Cubase and Nuendo usually don’t have sales at the same time as far as I remember. So since Nuendo users get freebies and/or discounts as well I’m guessing once the next Nuendo sale happens we too will get these or similar offers.

In general though your best bet is to not take this so personally and not be so emotional about it. Buy what you need and expect nothing more because businesses don’t really owe you anything. Then everything extra you get will be a happy surprise.


I did find a couple of things that are cool…so I guess it’s good that I love Nuendo but also keep updating Cubase too :slight_smile:

Cubase and Nuendo don’t have the same customer base, and the two customer bases don’t have the same needs. As a result, they are not attracted by the same promotions. Steinberg builds its sales on this basis. This is normal.

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Nuendo is basically an advanced version of Cubase. Many even refer to them collectively as Cubendo. It does everything Cubase does but with extra features for game audio, dialog, and post. Some of the extra features, such as VoiceDesigner, Randomizer, and HeadphonesMatch, are useful for music production. There is a lot of crossover between those who work in music production and those who work in post-production - which is why Steinberg offers a generous crossgrade from Cubase to Nuendo. When I crossgraded I surrendered my Cubase license because there was absolutely no reason for me to continue using Cubase instead of Nuendo, just like if I upgraded from Cubase Artist to Cubase Pro there would be no reason for me to use Cubase Artist anymore.

The competitive crossgrade offers for Nuendo are the exact same DAWs as the competitive crossgrade offers for Cubase. What does that tell you as far as customer bases not having the same needs?

Wavelab and Dorico are different programs from Cubase and Nuendo. There is no crossgrade offer from Cubendo to Wavelab or Dorico. I would not expect freebies given to Wavelab or Dorico users to also be given to Cubendo users. Cubase, however, is the same program as Nuendo - only with crippled features. This is why it’s a strange move on Steinberg’s part to offer these vouchers to Cubase users but not to Nuendo users. Many of us surrendered our Cubase licenses when we upgraded.

I’m not losing sleep over it, I just think it’s a poor decision by Steinberg’s marketing team.


Yes, I understand your point of view. It’s an angle I wasn’t thinking of, even if it doesn’t contradict mine. There are always collateral effects to any decision, but let’s hope SB adjusts its aim a little. It’s not a huge expense for the company.


I agree 100%. These moves by Steinberg make me want to downgrade to Cubase!