No freeware vst discussion anymore??


Remember the “old” forum with a lot of hints and tips for freeware vst plugins and instruments.

No more in this forum :frowning:
Is this blocked by the admins :question:

Not everybody can afford all the SB and east-west instruments for thousends of euros and IMO it is also not really needed for all the “just for fun” musicians.

So, please share your experience with the community.

I’ ll start right away.


  • 4Front instruments - piano, e-piano, bass - really good quality :exclamation:
  • sound workstations free:
  • yellow tools independence incl. 2GB free instruments
  • sampletank 2
  • soundfonts for GM-soundbanks
  • SIR 1 - free impuls reverb
  • VSTnotes - for all “cubase light version users” to take notes by the tracks or the song

I’m hopefully not the only one, who is keen to get some more experienced tips. :unamused:


Why would you assumed this is blocked? Maybe no one has posted anything. This forum will take sometime to get up to speed traffic wise.

Do you have examples of blocked freeware posts?

I made 3 free plugins a while ago but never posted it here.
They are simple but effective.
a compressor, an exciter and a reverb.
you’ll find also a download for some impulse responses I made.


No, just an assumption, because there were regularly posings in the “old” forum and here it’s not.
I just cannot believe, that nobody anymore is interested in this possibilities.



Thanks a lot.
I’ll try it


I think its just a catch up as far as the number of posters. Steiny has no interest in suppressing freeware posts. They invented VSTs after all.

These are a load of rather impressive Mastering plugins, they are 32 bit and can be jbridged without problem in 64 bit Cubase, I have not tried them with Vst bridge.
I already use Tracks 3, but still really use these a lot, they purposely add color and Volume 11 is great to just drop into output channel to check what a master of a mix might sound like.
Many thanks to Sir Elliot, read his take on things and then play with his 31 band EQ.