No generic remote control - DISAPPEARED!

Hi there,

Just opened my project, pluged in my Reloop Keyfadr controller and proceeded to press play… nothing happened. Checked the connection, it was ok, midi signal comes in. Now I realised the strange thing:

The generic remote control setting disappeared, there is no option to import my settings. The only thing available is VST quick control.
This functionality is the only thing that keeps me on 9.5 Cubase, Ive got my eq, faders etc. mapped to all 24 controls including mute/solo buttons.
Why is it no longer in the settings? Im confused :neutral_face:

Please tell me how to fix this, thanks


Click to the + button to add the Generic Remote Device.

Thank you, I have no idea how and why it disappeared and I completely forgot how I set it up in the first place. I thought Cubase 10 had no such option, now I see it also does :smiley: