No graphical handle for grace notes? 1.1

I’m trying to move a grace note to the right so it’s not aligned with the previous note but don’t see a graphical handle for it. Am I missing something or can’t I adjust the horizontal position of grace notes? thanks

How are you activating the handle(s)? I just checked a score, and if I select Note Spacing in Engrave Mode, the handles all appear, including grace notes. So, it works for me - not that it solves your problem, but it appears that Dorico will do this. I don’t know if this matters, but the score with the grace notes was imported via xml - can’t see how this would make any difference, but just putting it out there with other info.

I may have found the problem in that there are, in a piano score, 2 squares for each note stem, one in top stave and one in bottom. The square for the bottom stave note has the square in about where the graphical circle would appear in the grace note, so it’s probably there but I can’t see it?

Can you attach a screenshot, or, better still, zip up and attach the project so we can take a look?