No graphical interface for any of the Fabfilter plugins in WL 11.1

This is what I get instead of the “normal” graphical interface. WL 9.5 and WL 10 work normally.

Any help would be most appreciated…

This seems strange, that all of the PlugIns show this interface.
I don’t know if you know, that you can activate “generic” view for any PlugIn in the preferences - Plug-Ins menu (“Gen”) .
This would be the first place to look.

Here it’s working with Mac Intel OS 10.15 / WL 11.1.10 and Fabfilter 2.06

Running windows 10 pro with all the updates. All the other plugins show the correct graphical interface it is just the plugins from FabFilter. I reloaded WL and all the FabFilter plugins… Just started this morning. Weird.

That was it…Thanks so much. I never changed it so ??? how did it get changed???


This usually means the “Gen” which stands for Generic Interface got accidentally or mysteriously selected for that plugin.

Here is where you find that setting:

Thanks!!! all good now EXCEPT how did it get changed? I never even knew about this setting and ??? I certainly did not change it. Thanks again for the quick answers.

This forum and its members are GREAT!

Stupid question: Why would anyone want to have the generic interface??? and why can it get changed in the preferences?

This is not the first report I’ve seen of a plugin mysteriously changing to Generic GUI mode. So, there seems to be some kind of bug that can trigger this now and then.

I suppose the use case for Generic GUI mode would be to not be distracted by fancy or distracting GUI designs, or to temporarily mitigate any issues so the plugin can still be used if there is some kind of plugin GUI bug that needs to be fixed.

  1. Because specific plugins have secret parameters (aka not displayed in the normal UI).
  2. Because some users think the generic UI is better when the plugin has many parameters.
  3. Because the generic UI is the fallback UI in case a software issue prevents displaying the “nice UI”.

There is no reason why this could have been switched “by itself” (apart a damaged configuration file).

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Thanks PG, what you say makes sense but I have no idea how or why it got switched… Thanks for replying!!!