No groove agent SE5?

I have the full version of groove agent 4…does this mean Cubase 10 will not show SE5? I thought they would both be there…liking Cubase 10 so far…looking good!!

It should be there. You used the full installer?

Hi, yeah I think so…downloaded it through the download manager…20gigs or so…also seem to be missing a load of loops and samples in the media area…there’s nothing there :confused:
thanks for your answer my friend :slight_smile:

Check your installed Apps in Windows. Here, it shows up as Steinberg Groove Agent SE 64 bit. I also have GA4 (full version) and it shows up as a separate app. Also, check the plug-in manager. If it’s not there, try running the installer and check for install options.

thanks jaslan…much appreciated :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

re installed and it appeared to be installing all the loops and GA SE5 but upon opening cubase it still isn’t there…how can this happen?
the loops have appeared tho :confused:

Did you check the plug-in manager for GASE5? Possibly is it there but just not added to your “default” VSTi plug-in folder tree (the one that you select instruments from when making a new track)? The only other thing I can think of is… Did you have a VST2.x version of GASE installed before that could be interfering with the VST 3 version of GASE5?

Hi again jaslan, GA SE5 isn’t in the plugin manager list…I’m gonna delete all versions of cubase and install only 10 and see what I get…can’t think what else to do, I’m no computer tekky!

Ok so that worked…got everything now…ta for the help