No GUI on Logic Pro X with AUv3 Wrapper

I noticed our plugin probably loads too long and this causes issues in Logic Pro…
Seems that Logic has timeout of few hundred miliseconds and after that time the GUI goes crazy
I think loading time of embedded images in uidesc is too long (it works fine without the images…, and do not work with GUI with images)
Any workarounds? I am using SDK 3.6.12

This is what I’m getting when I enable the images (based64 in uidesc, same behaviour when they are resourced as PNGs)
Will the SDK update fix the problem?

I tried wrapping my VST in latest AUv3 wrapper. And it works. On my Mac. I sent the plugin to friend and the GUI is empty… Same Logic versions, mine OS is Catalina, and his is Big Sur

I am also getting an empty GUI with Big Sur. Even with the SDK example.

I have one question for those of you using the AUv3 wrapper. If you create a VST3 plugins with multiple midi ports… will that be exposed in the AUv3 with the same multiple midi ports?

Today was Logic update, any progress?