No Halion patches - where are they?

I finally upgraded to C6 from C4 and have opened C4 projects in C6 with no problems. My Halion patches are playing fine on the C4 projects in C6 and I can even select different patches because the full list is available. However, in C6 if I open a new project and set Halion as a vst there are no patches to be found. Any of the other synths show up just fine with complete patch lists, just no Halion files.

I have the in/outs - vst connections etc set the same on the new project as what is showing on any C4 project that I open.

Does anyone have an idea what might be going on?


What HALion exactly do you mean? There was HALion One in the Cubase 4. In the Cubase 6, there is HALion Sonic SE, which is totaly different.

If you are talking about HALion One, there are few information from the Cubase 6 Read Me PDF about HALionOne on the C6 installation disc:

HALion ONE: This VST Instrument is no longer installed by default and has been replaced by the VST 3 instrument HALion Sonic SE. If you have Cubase 5 or Sequel still installed on your system, HALion ONE will be available in Cubase 6. If you install Cubase 6 with no prior Cubase 5 or Sequel installation available on the system, HALion ONE will be unavailable.

However, you may want to install it if you want to load Cubase or Sequel projects using it, or if you use content sets requiring this VST instrument (e.g. VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers).

To install HALion ONE, start the Cubase installer via the Cubase Start Center from DVD, use the “Customize” button and enable HALion ONE. Please note that even though HALion ONE and its content will be available after that, no VST presets will be installed! It is just provided to ensure project compatibility. Please change to HALion Sonic SE for creating new projects. The HALion ONE sound library has been included in HALion Sonic SE, so none of your favorite sounds are lost.

Btw: Cubase 6 doesn’t supported Windows XP, which you are using.


Thanks Martin. That was helpful. However, when I open the vst list on C6 there is no Halion SE listed only the Halion One from my C4.

Do I have to do something special to get Halion SE loaded into my machine? I thought it was automatically loaded when I did the update.

Now that I’ve looked around in C6 a bit I notice that not only is Halion Sonic SE missing but so is Amp Rack.

These should both show up as vsts, right? They don’t on my system.

I upgraded from the DVD and then got the current 6.0.5 download from Steinberg’s web site.

Is Halion Sonic SE not showing in the subfolder “Synth”? And VST Amp Rack in the subfolder “Distortion”?

Correct. If I go Devices>VST Instruments there is no Halion Sonic SE in the Synth folder and there is no Distortion subfolder or Amp Rack. I also do not find Loop Mash either. I’m very perplexed.

Now if I go Devices>Plug-In Information then Amp Rack shows up at the bottom of the VST Plug-ins tab. That is the only place that I find it and it’s not coming up as accessible through the main project window via the VST instrument selection.

Not in Device > VST Instruments. Is it in subfolder “Synth” or “Distortion” if you click in to the insert (or VST Instrument) filed, and try to load the plug-in.

But I don’t think, it affected the plug-in works or not.

Did you try make factory reset? Delete or rename one of this folder (depends on your OS):
Mac OS X: “/Users//Library/Preferences/[Application]”
PC Windows XP: “System drive \Documents and Settings<your username>\Application data\Steinberg[Application]”
PC Windows Vista and Windows 7: “System drive \Users< your username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg[Application]”

If you find here more Application (Cubase 6 and Cubase 4 too), delete or rename all of them. I prefer to rename it, you can rename it back, if you want.

Also try look at this.


I notice when Cubase 6 is starting up that it loads the Halion Sonic SE .dll file. Still, I’m unable to find Halion SE anywhere in Cubase 6. It doesn’t show in the VST instrument list, nor do my Line 6 VSTs, Amp Rack or Loop Mash.

Aren’t these supposed to be accessible from the Devices>VST drop down list?

I uninstalled C6 then reinstalled it and the problem is the same. I can see Halion Sonic SE .dll loading up on the Steinberg start up page but it is nowhere to be found in any vst list. I’m really stumped.

I still haven’t resolved this.

I have uninstalled the operating part of Cubase 6 as well as the operating part of Halion Sonic SE and re-installed them. I left the Halion content on the system. After re-installing I still cannot get Halion SE to show in the VST “Synths” list.

Could my C4 version of Halion be interfering? It does show in the list, but of course there are no patches associated with it.

I did a complete C6 install on my wife’s laptop and no problems there. Halion SE is all there.

All the content and function parts of Halion Sonic SE, Groove Agent and Loop Mash are showing as installed on the computer drive, and Groove Agent shows up in the VST list but the other two don’t? I am using XP, and yes I know it’s not supported, but there are plenty of folks using C6 on it without problems. Why can’t I?