No Halion Sonic7 content

I have just installed Halion Sonic 7, so far so good.

I can see that the content is installed into:
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/HALion/VST Sound

Well, opening Halion Sonic 7, I just do not see any Instrument/preset even if I set the Browser:

Question: how can I load the/any preset(s)?

Use the Steinberg Library Manager program to verify the VST content you have.

OK, but if I run it I only see:

What is wrong?

If it’s not listed, you have to download it.

OK, I am doing it now.

I don’t know precisely what’s going on since I am not in front of your machine, but sure, try again. It won’t hurt anything.

Yes, I know you are not here, but I am very grateful that you help me.
Just a sec.

Please have a look now:

Now all good :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help :-).

Do you know how to move it correctly the full content to my sample SSD (internal)?

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