No "Hardware" Tab in Cubase to control UR44C from DAW

Hello! I use UR 44C with Cubase and there is no Hardwere tab in Inspector area on tracks with UR44C inputs routed. I have DAW Sync Function checked on. I have also Basic FX Suite activated (I have the GA Classics VST available as an inserts).
I attach screens showing all the settings in Cubase, including the routing.
I would like to use internal DSP (GA Classics) controlled by automation from Cubase project. It would be lifesaver for live shows for me.
I would really appreciate help with this.

Do you have anything assigned in your Audio Connections - Outputs?

The hardware tab should appear once the output is assigned in Audio Connections.

Wow, thanks for quick answer. That might be some clue. I am normally using the feature with control room so I had no Outputs routed. I changed it to UR44C outs 1/2 and now I can see the hardware tab but still without the full functionality, I can’t see GA Classics either in Cubase either in dspMixFx.

I have Mix 1 assigned in Control Room and Mix 2 in Outputs. The Mix 2 is only assigned so that the hardware tab appears.

Regarding the missing guitar amps. What happens if you create a mono input in Audio Connections?

Now you have all channels linked to stereo pairs. Not sure if the guitar amps work with stereo.