No Help Available for Off-line DAWs?

I am just moving into Cubase 9.5 after having skipped using versions 8.5 and 9. I see that Help has become unavailable to machines not internet-connected? Seriously??? How can Steinberg not be aware of the high percentage of DAWs that are normally off-line?

Or am I just overlooking something?

Hi David

There are PDF manuals available to download -Cubase Pro 9.5 Documentation

I keep them on an old iPad for easy access.


Yes, I bought an iPad for the express purpose of having what would probably be a six-foot stack of printed documentation easily at hand. And I also will be putting the operation manual pdf on my desktop.

My comment was more to emphasize my amazement that Steinberg seems to believe that DAWs are commonly connected to the web. Most home studio practitioners I communicate with do not keep their DAW connected. My DAW only goes online when there’s something to download, register or authorize.

Plus I miss the ability to easily find information via the help that was available in Cubase 8 (the last one I seriously used until 9.5). A pdf manual has a search capability but it isn’t nearly as powerful as Windows help. And given that Steinberg indexes are typically so light-weight that they are generally useless, I really do miss the old style of help.