no IAP restore after restoring Musicstudio (full version) on new iPAD

I bought the full version of Musicstudio in the end of 2016 for my 3th
generation iPAD.
the version which is running is 2.9 witch all 60 (IAP) add-on-instruments.
Just bought a new ipad and when downloading all my bought apps I have
problems getting back my extra 6o (IAP) add-on-instruments on my 6th
generation iPAD. No problem to download the full version of Musicstudio again (this time
version 2.10).
But while trying to restore the in app purchases I get the message:
“Nothing to restore. There were no past prchases on this account” That is
very strange for downloading the full version was no problem and was bought
with the same account (I only have one…)
To get back my 60 instruments I have to buy them again although I own them already.
I already contacted Apple-iTunes store about the issue, but they can’t help me and told me to contact de app maker from MusicStudio about this issue…

Can you help me with that ??

Thanks !!

I added screenshots of my ipad3 and ipad6 screens.

Sorry for this unexpected error, maybe it’s an issue with the App Store server communication. I’ll contact you via private message to resolve this issue.

Hello, i bought Music Studio in November 2011. Now i can`t download it anymore. The app wants me to buy it again.
I hope for help

Hi BeatSheep,
You probably switched Apple IDs since 2011, meaning that you logged into the App Store with a different email address back in 2011.
If that’s the case, here’s how to login with your old account in order to download Music Studio (or any other app that you purchased back then):

  • Open the Settings app from the Home screen
  • Go to “iTunes & App Store”
  • Tap the Apple ID, then tap Sign Out
  • Sign in with your old Apple ID and password
  • Open the App Store from the Home screen
  • Music Studio should now have a cloud download icon, meaning that the App Store remembers that you already purchased it.

It this doesn’t help, or if you only ever had one Apple ID, please drop us an email at and we’ll look into it further.

I’m having the exact same problem with mine. I was able to download the full version like the normal purchase, but not able to restore my purchases for instruments. I can still see I have them all on th iPad I don’t want to use anymore but I’m getting the same no purchases messages.

On both iPads, please open the Settings app and go to “iTunes & App Store” to see which Apple ID (email address) you’re logged in with. Is it the same on both iPads?

I have a very similar problem… I re-downloaded the full version on a new device (amazingly glad to do so, after a long time of unavailability due to my location). When trying to restore my 60 instruments (all packs) purchase, a message said “1 purchase was restored”, and another message said that the button for the purchase would turn green… The button, though, still shows the purchase price and the instruments were not unlocked… Also, if not that one, i can’t see which other purchase was actually restored…

Hello again… I actually noticed that one purchase was restored -one of the instruments. But I remember that I made another purchase of all instruments… I am sure that it was the same appStore account and I am talking about iOS…

Hi jorkata888,

Sometimes it may be necessary to quit Music Studio from the multitask switcher and restart it, in order for restored purchases to update.

In general, the App Store servers and iOS manage all purchase, payment and restore related processes. Apps can only trigger them, but the outcome depends on the App Store, which in your case should be the full purchase history of your Apple ID.

Unfortunately, there are cases where the App Store’s restore process doesn’t work as expected.
I’ll contact you via private message to help you to resolve this issue.