No Icon Cubase Artist 9.5 to 10 update can not launch

Hi, I have just downloaded the upgrage for cubase Artist 9.5 to Artist 10. After following all instructions there seems to be no Icon available for the dessktop. What have I done wrong (again)?

  1. I have not uninstalled Artist 9.5.
  2. I have placed the upgrade into the appropriate folder.
  3. I followed all instructions to install the upgrade.
  4. I have rebooted my PC.
  5. I have been very pacient over the 4 hour download of the full version.
  6. I have looked in every possible foder for the exe file for the Icon.

Please help if you have had this issue


Hi and welcome,

Is the application itself installed? You should find it in the Start menu or in the Program Files folder.