no icon for HALion Sonic SE when installed with Cubase Art 7

Hello, I just observed that normally you are writing in English, so I’ll try to explain my problem in English.
I’m an absolute greenhorn concerning Cubase 7 and I made my only experience with Cubase VST 32 about 10 years ago.
I bought a MacBook Pro to start with Cubase Artist 7. Somebody told me that the installation should pass like plug-and-play. Well, this is definitively not the case.
First I made the Cubase installation and was asked to put the HALion Sonic SE DVD into my DVD drive. I regularly perceived between the installation parts Blue-screens and finally, about 9 minutes before the end of the installation process it finished in a Blue-screen-blockade. Obviously I was wrong thinking to activate the license after the installation because after the activation I was able to re-install the whole thing and every thing seemed to be all right inclusively
the HALion Sonic SE installation. However I can’t really be sure about, because I’m always waiting for a midi-audio-interface to try Cubase.
My question is in fact quite simple: If I receive from Steinberg as a „gift“ the HALion Sonic SE program, how is it possible that I can’t find any icon to start HALion Sonci SE? What do I have to do to find it? As I see Cubase starts as a standard on 32 bits. Is there a problem if my mac works with 64 bits? As you see I do not have a big idea! Obviously one cannot think that such a professional program should include a tutorial so that every idiot is able to install it … but as a physician and not an audio engineer it’s just what I need. All the tutorials I found are starting where the installation is already done and not at the very beginning which is the installation!
I’m not very sure to be at the right place here or if I would better ask some help directly from Steinberg but may be you can help me to manage the installation.
Thanks a lot!

P.S. I’m not very clear how to poste a question to „all“ because this way I could increase the probability to get an answer.

My system :
MacBook Pro
Version : Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549)
Core : Darwin 10.8.0
Vol.: 750 GB HHD ; 10 GB RAM
Mode : Normal
64 bit


first, Steinberg wont’t help you there: MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Mac OS X Version 10.7/10.8, check the system specs here

And you get no icon for halion se … it’s only a plugin … no standalone program.

And getting “Blue-screens” while installing an app is absolutly not normal … is it a used macbook or an hackintosh? Check the hardware.

You can switch between 32/64 Bit very simple … open the information dialog on the cubase app symbol …unckeck the run in 32Bit Mode checkbox.