No 'Independent Track Loop Function' in my toolbar


I created a drum track using HalionOne and would like the track to loop while I play my guitar to it live to make sure it fits how I want. The user manual says there is an independent track loop button in the toolbar, but it is not there. When I right click to bring up everything that is available to display in the toolbar there is no track loop function. Does anyone know why this would not be available to me or more importantly, how do I make it available so I can loop my work? I have Cubase 5.5.3 running on a PC with windows xp. Thanks in advance for any help.

You know you have to open the MIDI track´s key editor, to have the independent track loop available…?! (Hard to tell from your description.) Other than that, the function is available in 5.5.3. as explained in the manual…

New to Cubase and that’s what I was missing. Thanks!