No input from CAD U37 usb microphone


I have just bought a CAD U37 USB Mircrophone. I can’t get Cubase Elements to register any input from it. The mic works with everything else on my PC.

I have already seemingly successfully installed ASIO4All v2. I’ve also added an audio track etc. So I can “see” the device and select it as an Audio Input but can’t get any input from it. I’ve tried enabling record etc and trying most of the settings I can find like fader, equaliser etc…


Go to Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System. Set the ASIO Driver to ASIO4ALL, then open the ASIO4ALL control panel. Here you should be able to click the setup (looks like a wrench), then activate the possible audio devices. Do you see a USB device for your CAD here? If not, I would suggest checking with their support.

After you activate the option in the ASIO4ALL control panel, go to Devices, VST Connections, Inputs, and connect the desired input. I hope this information is helpful.

Additionally… if on a PC, make sure it is plugged in before starting CB.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks Chris. Completely fixed. Great resolution - and speedy :slight_smile:.

Could I suggest that this issue is considered in the next edition as I found that process completely un-intuitive and I’d never had figured it out in a million years, despite being reasonably literate. Nor could I find that specific issue anywhere on the internet. I looked hard and found similar ones, but not that one.

Thanks again.

I’m glad to hear you’re up and running, and I’m sorry for the trouble. I do not expect that this aspect of setup to change because every user’s system is different. The unique part of your situation is using a USB mic with an alternate playback device, whereas most users have an audio interface that they run all of their inputs/outputs through. That said, hopefully this post will help other users with a setup similar to yours.

Officially, we require an audio interface with a dedicated ASIO driver for the audio interface, but ASIO4ALL often works as a generic way for Cubase to address multiple audio interfaces through one driver on the PC. However, this usually results in lesser performance in comparison to a single device with a dedicated ASIO driver that was optimized for it. I hope this information is helpful.