No input from midi keyboards

I have a problem with the new version 4.3.20…
it does not recognize my MIDI inputs from any of the keyboards connected to the Midi card (ESI M4U XL).

It worked fine until I updated Dorico to the latest release

The MIDI card is recognized perfectly in both Cubase 12 and VST Live

Please help me

I also noticed that starting Dorico is more “difficult”, in the sense that the startup times from the appearance of the loading screen have lengthened.

My OS is Windows 10 22H2, system build 19045.2486

Of course I tried several times to restart without any success

I hope you can help me.

Perhaps the problem lies in having updated HalionSonic to the new version.
than by opening old projects.

Dorico takes a long time (really a long time) to load HalionSonic7, and until the VSTinstrument is loaded the midi input doesn’t work, after which everything goes back to working properly

It’s certainly the case that MIDI input won’t work until the project is activated for playback, that’s right. It would be interesting to know how long you’re waiting for your project to become activated, and how many instruments it contains.

Thanks Daniel for your prompt response.

They are very simple projects, the only open instuments was Haliosonic SE, now it’s Halionsonic 7.

There are only two slots loaded, (one player and one track for chord symbols).

Waiting times range from 3 to 5 minutes.

The “problem” is that I have several preset files (read-only) that I use as templates with different configurations depending on the music I have to write (for choirs, for schools, etc.).
and even saving the file with the new HS7 instrument, when I reopen the file Dorico continues to load “Haliosonic SE”, then not finding it, it loads HS7 correctly, after several minutes

In regards to MIDI not working, try switching off WinRT-MIDI.
To do that go to the Preferences dialog, choose the Play tab, scroll down and unfold the Advanced Options tab.

Thank you very much Ulf.after hs7 is correctly loaded everything works fine

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With the procedure you indicated, loading of HS7 is immediate! Thank you so much!!!