No input in saved project

Hi all,
I have a strange problem with Elements 9. When we start a new project, everything works fine,
we can record all instrument (electric guitar and a keyboard) through Lexicon Alpha sound card.
when we save and close cubase and then reopen the same project, the program doesn’t get any input.
settings are the same, equipment is the same.
anyone has an idea?


Is the VST Comnections > Inputs setup correctly?

Is Monitor button switched On on your track?

Yes, everything is configured the same as when the project was opened.
monitor button is switched on, but no input at all.

Any changeon the Audio Device? Is Hi-Z switched On?

What OS are you on?

Do the existing recordings play back or are they silent too? Similarly do VST instruments play back OK?

Recordings play back, VST instruments are OK, No changes with the audio device.
everything is the same as when the project was open, just no input from external instruments :frowning:
one question, what is Hi-Z?

Hi Z is short for Hi-Impedance, an input for electric guitar or similar.

What OS are you on? Windows? Mac?

Have you checked the Devices screens in Cubase (and in your OS)?

I’m using Windows 10. When i start a new project, the input is fine, electric guitars are being recorded, so i don’t think there is any hardware issue.

Can you send a screenshot of the MixConsole window (with Routing tab opened), and also VST Connections > Inputs, please?

I’ll try to get the screenshots tonight, I’m not at home at the moment.

Well… I found out that my son (the guitarist) changed some settings in the mix console and forgot about it.
It seem to be ok now. Sorry for the false alarm…

Doh! :wink:

Glad you got it sorted and thanks for letting us know.