no input into cubase 8

I recently downloaded the free trial version of Cubase 8 elements. I’m using an AMD computer with windows 7. I have a realtek Hd soundcard. When I connect my Behringer 1204usb mixer to the line in port, I can hear the output from my speakers but nothing shows up in the Cubase program. This is in spite of the fact that VST connections shows Line in (Realtek High Defini 1) as well as Speakers (Realtek High Defin 1). I have Audacity as well as M-Audio on board as I’ve tried both of those. (Possible conflicts?) Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

If you have a USB mixer, that would probably work much better over USB than using the line input on your Realtek soundcard.
Either way, you need to install and select the appropriate ASIO driver for whichever soundcard you end up using in Cubase.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Got me headed in the right direction and with Behringer drivers installed it now works. Thanks again

Nice one :slight_smile: