No input output in status bar, bug or setting?

I’ve seen this a few times even in Cubase Pro 12 and now in 13: the status bar doesn’t show the audio inputs and outputs and something else that I can just click on and open the audio connections as if I was pressing F4.

Somehow I remember that sometimes it’s available and sometimes it’s not, but today I saw something interesting, so I was wondering if anyone can tell me why some checkmarks are grayed out:

I bet it’s a setting somewhere that I missed.


This bar is visible only, if there is any problem. Like there is no output or input or the sample rate doesn’t match.

Well, I see it all the time, just missing those things now, but I saw it in every project that I worked on. Does that mean that every project had a problem? Not as far as I can tell.


Oh, I’m sorry. You can show/hide it manually in the Set up Window Layout. This is the Status Line.

I don’t see those either - and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them, yet they are definitely there!!!

I’m presuming ‘Project Audio Pull’ should be something to do with showing video frame rates?

As to ‘Audio Inputs, Outputs and Studio’ - I’m sure they’d be useful to have - the Status Bar is pretty empty.

I think Steinberg messed up more than just the GUI in C13. Take a look at this. First screenshot, you see the status line, but missing the usual inputs, outputs, etc. You can also see that in the layout setup, status bar is unchecked.

Now, if I check the status bar option in the layout setup, the status bar disappears!

Yeah, I would call this a bug. I mean, this and the missing inputs outputs etc when they are checked but grayed out.


You can right-click to the Status Line panel and set up, what do you want to see. The Audio Inputs, Audio Outputs, Studio and Project Audio Pool optinos are gryed out. You cannot enable/disable them. This is the bug.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Thanks, Martin. That seems to be the case, since starting a new project shows the same exact thing. It’s not like it was a project started in Cubase Pro 12 then opened in 13.

BTW, where do you report bugs?