No input signal ?

Hello everyone,
I don’t usually record with Nuendo because I am mainly using already recorded material but today I tried to do some quick recording for a sound design job I am doing.
My sound card is a EXBOX.UMA by Direct out technologies. To get into it I am using a RMA ADI8 and a Focusrite Octopre.
After few unsuccessful tests I now set up 16 mono inputs to see if my signal is going where it shouldn’t go but none of them is getting anything in. In the EXBOX software I can see I have sound signal in the correct tracks.
Another interesting thing is that when I am playing back the actual stereo output (out 1+2) are directly getting into Input 1+2, so there must be some internal routing I have overlooked.
When I click the Edit Channel Settings on the top left, the input is showing “no source”, so nothing should get in, not even the direct output is actually getting in?
What I am missing?