No instruments appear in HALion SE 3

I have downloaded HALion SE3 and no instruments appear. The Library manager is empty. Getting really frustrated now as I have had cubase for about 2 weeks and still not up and running! I have contacted Steinberg but not sure how long it takes them to respond. Any thoughts much appreciated.

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Did you manage to get sorted with Cubase and Sonic SE?

Hi Klef - yes obvious when you know how!

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hi rdn58 - can you explain what you did to make this work? I’m having the same issues…


Hi, I have the same issue. How can I sove that ?

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Es geht mir auch so, trotz Neuinstallation keine Instrumente in Halion SE 3!
Weiß jemand eine Lösung?

I am also having the same issue. No instruments in stand-alone player or in Cubase. Tried re-installing Cubase as well as HALion SE 3 separately. Help! This is a fresh install on a new computer.

Hi guys! Have you solved this problem? I have the same problem here? Did you find a solution? Thanks!

So there’s no solution here? I have the same problem. It seems like a common problem, WTH.

Have you downloaded and registered any Content that could appear?
The HALion Sonic SE3 Installer doesn’t contain any Content!

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Gerrit Junge

You have to use the Download Assistant, remove the installation and reinstall through the Download Assistant everything again. That worked for me and it takes about one hour.

Find “Rescan disk” on the Helion Sonic’s GUI. that usually fixes the problem.


have the same, after instaling ur-c bundle in halion sonic SE 3 dont apear gm sounds (now i dont mention about Anima that should be also). First of all i have lost GM sounds in Halion - it plays…nothing right now. Reinstalin dont resolved problem.

Zrzut ekranu 2022-05-18 185739

I got it, thanks!

Hey all, not sure if you were able to figure it out, but I just randomly did, so I figured I would share here. For whatever reason the HALion content isn’t installed when you install everything else. I use Cubase 10.5, and ended up finding the “HALion content” under the Cubase 11 se tab in the download assistant… I’ll add a screen shot here. I downloaded the content and everything appeared.

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