No instruments on Elements 10 apart from Prologue

Have just purchased Elements 10. Recording guitar and vocals fine. However, Prologue is the only virtual instrument visible. Am desperate to get Groove Agent etc installed. Searched the internet and YouTube to no avail. Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance.

Groove Agent is not included with any CB version. You have to purchase that software separately. But, Groove Agent SE 5 should be installed with CB E 10. Is it?

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Thanks for this Prock.

Did not appear to be initially but I eventually manged to install Groove Agent SEand Halion Sonic SE from a folder called Additional Content. Unfortunately there is no sound from Groove Agent SE. If I load in a kit there is just red wave symbols on the pads and no sound triggered if pressed. Halion Sonic SE does not offer me any presets at all.

Once again many thanks


I would run the Cubase Elements installer again, as that is likely the easiest way of installing the missing components.

The other way to proceed is to install the content from the folders under “Additional Content\VST Sound” - you need to double click one file per folder to install it. This will only work if Steinberg Library Manger is installed on your system - if it is not, install that from “Additional Content” first.

Thanks for this David W. As you suggested I ran the Cubase Elements Installer again and it loaded up all the missing content. Great! I now have all the sounds loaded in and can play them on my MIDI keyboard. Unfortunately the onscreen editor for Groove Agent SE has now vanished and I have no visible interface to work with.

Problem Solved :smiley: . I just had to “Edit Instrument” on the Inspector column. Thank you so much for all your help guys! :smiley: