No internet sound after download

My Cubase LE upload caused a loss of internet sound - I guess - I have uninstalled it and some other stuff, had a tidy up, and at some stage will upload it again and hopefully it won’t result in the same effect. I got my internet sound back when I uninstalled it - I also got it back when I deleted its icon. Obviously just uploading it again it is likely to produce the same fault - I have found a little bit of info online. I wonder if this is pretty common (software upload error) or not? It has something to with dll/registry (a wild punt) ? (terms I’m not very savvy with) - :neutral_face:


Is the issue only while Cunase is running? Or even if it’s quit?

Even when you quit - like I say I only got internet sound back when either its start icon was deleted or when Cubase was uninstalled. And not only internet sound - also my wavelab recording didn’t play, music track files otherwise on the computer were fine and computer sounds were normal.


Could you check your system sound settings in the Control Panel? Are you using internal sound card, or any Audio Device? Is it the same device, as before?

I asked my system (laptop pc) for a diagnosis when I lost the sound - and as usual it wasn’t helpful. I am using a standard (basic I5) laptop 4 GB Ram - I’m not aware of a specific sound card - the internal microphone gui is very basic. I tried using a cheap input mic which sounded as bad as the internal one - hence I got a Zoom microphone - I was then hoping to use this as my input to Cubase, but didn’t, as I’ve said, get far there. I didn’t try using the hub menu’s right side as the left side video tutorials didn’t run (no internet sound - with error messages on Youtube screen).

No idea, so far, sorry.

What is the error message on YouTube screen, please?

Next time it comes up (if I’m second time unlucky) I’ll let you know. :exclamation:

of course I am still in the same boat - the message is - I thought I’d make a note

An error has occurred. Please try again later. Learn More

a sentiment I agree with

The word on high is

go to “Devices” > “Device Set up” > " VST Audiosystem" to check the option “Release Driver when Application is in Background”

unfortunately - this advice is given to someone who wants something relating to my screen - which is the Steinberg Hub and The Cubebase screen which is blank except for the Cubebase logo on the left and close on the right,

I think it is my computer, though quite what it is about it I don’t know - when Cubase loads I get a “the color scheme has been changed” message - why are some visual elements being automatically turned off (prompt) clicked to open Aero troubleshooter - Desktop Window Manager is disabled -

Then I find the Steinberg Hub is allowing me to see and hear the Youtube - and I seem to have a “top bar” with Cubase options - as I want to set up device - however none of them open. And when I restart the program no top bar. Will check if I have or haven’t the internet sound.

Another full day spent at the computer with progress but no result. This is frustrating, and damaging my calf/back/nerves/humanity.

Is the “Aero motive” selected in your Comtrol Panel? This is a must since Cubase 8 on Windows 7.


yes I’m in Aero - Performance Options: visual effects - I have Let windows choose what’s best for my computer. This I will change to custom - though more out of hope than expectation. I have the boxes checked which should be checked - however my Windows info pop up when Cubase loads is worrying:
The color scheme has been changed

The following program has performed an action that requires Windows to temporarily change the color scheme to Widows 7 Basic.
Program: Video Engine Decode
Publisher: Steinberg Media Technologies
Process identifier (PID) : 3892

Windows will automatically change the color scheme back to Windows Aero when this program or other programs performing similar actions are no longer running.

Why are some visual effects being automatically turned off?

the link doesn’t show any issue when I diagnose - the reasons it might be happening basically amount to your computer being a bit of an underperformer.
obviously when it goes to windows basic it goes out of aero and the program can’t be set up - catch 22

the custom option made no difference - the color change message came up again.

Wiered… I have no idea anymore, sorry.

How about - look to change my virtual memory, and see if other programs are running. I’ve no idea what I will find - I do tend to try and get Cubase to run straight away - perhaps I should let the computer become idle first!