[NO ISSUE] 7.0.2 General Appearance "Basic Color"

“Basic Color” (under Preferences-Appearance-Colors-General) is not working properly in 7.0.2. In this example I gave it an extreme setting of pure black, and unlike “Desktop Color”, “Project Work Area Color”, “Project Grid Color”, “Project Cycle Color”, etc… the color shown in the box for “Basic Color” is not the same color shown in Cubase.

“Basic Color” setting:

Result after applying , saving, and restarting Cubase:

I conquer this behavior/issue.
No mather what colour you choose in Basic Colour, there is kind of a saturation or hue effect applied so you can’t really choose the color properly…

I thought it was SB’s bad taste about colour and design but it may be in fact a bug…

exactly the same here , why implement a feature change when it doesn’t even work , i think steinberg has a lot of questions to ask about it’s QC department ,it’s a shambles

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this is not an issue but by design: The base color is used to shift a whole set of related colors so a relationship is retained between this collection of colors and the code maintains the differentials between the colors. To avoid moving one color outside the range of all the others, there is a compression of the actual colors used at the top and bottom of the brightness range. The alternative would be to allow adjusting every color in the application individually, which would be impractical because there are hundreds on them.

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Hi Helge, thanks for this precision.
In version 6.5, if my memory is correct, we had to possibility to play with brightness/hue/saturation. Now that these options are gone, the software, like you said, is doing the job for us, and honeslty, it is not very good at it. There are colors I was using in 6.5 that I can’t reproduce in 7. I really have the impression that I am more limited now than before.

So if it is by design, maybe putting back the possibility to play with brightness/hue/saturation would be a nice improvment in future updates. Not a priority, but a “nice to have” feature.

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User control over at least brightness/hue/saturation of the GUI is imperative, as Steinberg or Cubase cannot control the environment in which the program will be used in terms of ambient lighting conditions, attributes of the particular monitors being used and quality of the users vision (age, vision issues) etc.
Much of the criticism/complaining regarding the new mixer is a direct result of this deficiency.

Thanks for the explanation Helge. Personally, I would rather not have Cubase decide the color for me. I think anytime the ability to customize something (especially something that many users have been customizing for years) is taken away its generally not a good thing. I prefer the way it was before, but in the grand scheme of things its really not that big of a deal. Cubase 7 is still the most bad ass DAW on the market. :sunglasses:

I agree with the others. If possible, I would also like to have better control over the look of the interface rather than have less control. I personally don’t like it when features are removed from a software. As I’m sure you (Steinberg) have noticed, there are always complaints from users whenever this happens. With all due respect, please stop doing that…pretty, pretty please :slight_smile:. Add features, don’t subtract them.

Thanks! :wink:

This really is an awfull change, please let us choose the color we want as in 7.0.1 !!!

I used to have a nice looking workspace which was pleasing to the eye (my eyes anyway), now no matter what I do it’s tinted with a horrible blue color. As the previous poster said… “add features, don’t remove them”.

I have actually reverted back to the 7.0.1 update because of this.

Windows 8 professional 64-bit
Cubase 7.0.2 64-bit

Setting the correct colour is not possible in Preferences -> Appearance ->Colours->General:
It seem that the colouring option uses both available basecolours to set the output colour, which in turn is a bit impossible to use.

Se the attached screenrecording that will explain very precise what happens.

Weird coloring option in preferences

wtf? If i want the colour to be blue - do i need to figure out by trial and error which other freakin’ colour is going to give me Blue and not poopbrown? Wow?

Why not make this a smart function and do the programming so the USER won’t have to make that choice…

Now i get a serious headache.

Haha… what?? That’s really a bit stupid.

Having the same issue.
I can’t get back the brighter color scheme I used to have.

And if I set the grid lines to black, they instead disappear!?

Yes, this is the fun part of using Cubase… you have to make it an cheerful adventure hoping for a happy coincidence… bah… i soon hope Propellerheads make a VST-rack and i’ll jump this sh*t forever…

Agree, there are other DAWs, and there will be even more DAWs, no matter if you are VST-heavy or not.

Now, after doing a last effort to get a color scheme I like, I concluded that this “feature” probably was thought up by some “clever” programmer, with no clue on the importance of user experience.

Its a mystery to me how Steinberg QA let this obnoxious “feature” pass through to release.

How come the subject line for this thread states “NO ISSUE”?!
It IS an issue for the users.

Technically, it is a “no issue” because the “feature” works as intended by Steinberg. At this point, I’m afraid to say that this has now become a feature request :cry: .

This is odd. I would like to get my Cubase a brighter colorscheme in general, but everything keeps looking dark (MediaBay etc) regardless of what I configure in the settings.

Feature request: make standard colors used as backgrounds for MediaBay etc. configurable!

You have to create a thread in the Feature Request forum, unless there is already one.