No Licence available to activate

Hi All, I purchased Wavelab Elements 6 back in 2009 (i think) and was using it on a different computer which crashed. I downloaded a Trial version of Wavelab 11 in 2022 which expired after the grace period. I did an on-line upgrade and paid the requested fee but it showed as Verification Pending. I got sent an email with and activation code, but - here’s the problem - there is no licence to verify. I have been working with Yamaha to resolve this before the 14 day period expired but with no Licence, they cannot help me. What do I do now? What did I pay for? Many thanks in advance.

Hi, please contact the steinberg support.

Thanks and greetings

Hi Kay,

I’ve worked with Steinberg Support and they have told me they cannot help me without a Licence Number. They suggested I contacted Steinberg.

Please see attached.

I’m out of options except to ask for guidance on the Forum. I’ve been a Cubase and Wavelab user since 2006

Many thanks

Paul Kenny

You tell me . What did you pay for?

You say you have an Elements 6 license. Okay.

This makes no sense. Trial licenses have nothing to do with the grace period. A trial expires when it expires.

What is the exact license you currently own, and what is the exact product you purchased?

Hi Scab,

Thanks for the reply.

I have a Cubase 5 and Wavelab Elements 6 on a previous Computer. I tried running the Hard Drive on my current PC - it sees the Programs but brings up an error message when I try to load - something like “unexpected interface detected”.

So I downloaded a Trial Version of Wavelab 10 which I upgraded to Wavelab 11.2 - and paid a fee for this.

I dont know what my Licence numbers are but surely Steinberg has a record associated with my email address which hasn’t changed over the years.

My thoughts are - the fee I paid was for the upgrade from Wavelab 10 to Wavelab 11.2.

I also have Cubase LE 12 which I upgraded to Cubase Elements 12 which is Activated and no problems.

I Hope you can shed some light on all of this.

Many thanks

Paul Kenny


There is a good chance that the unexpected interface error is that it cannot find a Steinberg eLicenser dongle (which you would have had for Cubase 5 and WL 10). Have you got this plugged in?

Hi Paul,
I will forward your request again to our support colleagues.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your messages. We have looked into your case and provided a solution to you by mail.

Kind regards,

If I am understanding correctly, you purchased an update that applies to a product you didn’t actually own.

Anyway, it looks like Steinberg is trying to help you. Good luck!