No licence Cubase elements 12

…So i had an issue with the monitoring button greyed out on yhis project i´m working on. Nothing helped. Thought i would give it a shot to re-install. That didn´t work. Soft e-licencer nor workin. when i finally got THAT working–> NO LICENCES found!
Download manager, soft e-licencer… all say i don´t have a valid licence.

Funny thing when i payed for an upgrade from Cubase elements 11.
Bought the upgrade about a year ago!
I can´t find my access code anyhwere .(always have it saved on my PC or my e-mail) Sent an email to support. Does anyone have an solution or found out the problem by your self ?

Kind regarads

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase 12 is not using the eLicenser anymore. Install Steinberg Activation Manager, please.

Welcome to the Forum.

You are writing pretty confusing, so I need to guess what you are doing.

I assume you had a working license of Cubase Elements 12 on your machine and did a reinstall. Now you need to enable this license again, but you are trying to do that in the Soft eLicenser.

Forget about the access code, or download code, that is all just one time codes and can not be used again.

All you need to do is start the Activation Manager and Activate your Cubase Elements 12 again. The eLicenser is not used here any longer.

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Thank you for a quick reply.

Yes, i know the soft-e doesn’t work. I just tried all options i know. Ive tried to reactivate but came less than half way.

I’ll give it another try tomorrow again.
Hopefully i’ll get lucky :ok_hand::wink:


There is no Reactivation for the new Steinberg lincesing system. Just forget eLicenser for Cubase 12 and start to use Steinberg Activation Manager only.

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Been using that. Not helping at all.
E licencer was just a “try to see what happens”

Did you login to your Steinberg Profile and look for the license? It should appear under “Show Steinberg Licensing based products”

I assume you used the same email address as previously for the Activation Manager login, when the license was working.

Tried that. But it’s like I’ve never even purchased it.

Now when you mentioned it. I made a cc change on my email account. Might have done it in the wrong place. Guess I’ll look into it tomorrow and maybe things work out?

If not, where do i go from there if changing my email back to what it was doesn’t help?

I’ve tried the Activation manager.
It’s just blank. I can’t do anything.
(Sorry about the confusing thread at the beginning.
Had to rush for work, do i made a sloppy explanation :smile::roll_eyes:

That is the problem, your license is bound to the email address.

This can be solved by Steinberg Support only.


Yeah, that hit me yesterday.
Everything is connected. If you change your hairstyle or shoes. You’re account won’t sync up :crazy_face:

I’ll give it a try now. Fingers crossed and hope it will work!

Hello once more…

I´ve changed my email back to when Cubase was working. That didn´t help.
Sent an request to the support yesterday.
Took a Print Screen. This is what it tells me. Seems like i never even owned Cubase.
No sign of it anywhere. All i have is a digital reciept :laughing:
I have tried to look for it everywhere.

  • Activation manager (Correct email visible)

  • Dowload Assistant (correct email is visible)

  • Steinberg web page. (on my account page) but there is only older versions and stuff that i have bought earlier.

  • “This line is for additional ideas i have not thought of” ! :thinking:

A second Print Screen


After changing the email address, MySteinberg account can be confused. Please, don’t mess it up even more, wait for the support response.

Thank you for reply.
I won´t do a thing any further.
Sitting tight until “rescue” arrives! :slight_smile:

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