No licence found for HALion 7 in new projects; old ones still work fine - why?

I’m running Dorico 5 Elements on a MacBook Pro (2023) with Sonoma OS. I have an educational licence from the Open University. Everything was working fine. Last week I created a new project and this has a problem with HALion 7 - no sound. Under ‘Play’ and ‘VST’ I get a screen saying ‘No Licence Found’. SAM tells me ‘No licence for HALion 7 has been found in your account, so your software cannot run’.
If I open projects I made earlier, or worksheets downloaded from the Open University, everything still works fine. How do I fix this?

The version of HALion that comes with Dorico is not the full HALion 7. If you have downloaded the full version, you will of course have licensing problems.

Likely you will need to remove HALion 7 from your computer and download (if necessary) the version (HALion Sonic?) from the Dorico section of the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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Thank you Derrek,

You solved my problem! I went to Dorico Preferences, Play, Playback Template. For new projects the Preferred HALion plug-in was set for ‘Use best available’ and this was putting in HALion 7. By changing this to ‘Use preferred’ and selecting ‘HALion Sonic’ I now have everything working as it should.

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