No licence to upgrade selectable

i bought cubase 7.5 artist around 2013
latley bought the upgrade to 11 artist
it seems to me that i bought the right one but still when i try to load the new licence on my Elicenser it reads “No licence to upgrade selectable, no licence to upgrade found”

I use PC, windows 11


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Which upgrade exactly did you buy, please?

Is the USB-eLicenser with your Cubase 7.5 Artist license plugged in to the computer, please?

Hi and thanks for the help

I bought Cubase Artist 11 UD 2
The usb is plugged in and both of my licenses are recognized but can’t be upgraded


That should be the right UD.

What do you mean by “both” linenses, please?

both the usb elicenser and the soft licenser show up

when i try to put the activation code for the new cubase 11 upgrade on the elicenser that contains the cubase 7.5 it reads back that "currently, there is no license available which can be upgrated by your upgrade license.


Is the USB-eLicenser selected on the left side?

I would recommend to get in contact with official Steinberg support in this case.

what do you mean?


As far as I remember, when you upgrade the license, there is list of all licenser visible on the left side (at the moment, when the eLCC is validating your license, you want to update/upgrade from). You can see the Soft-eLicenser and the USB-eLicenser (if you have multiple USB-eLicensers connected, then all of them are listed). Is the USB-eLicenser selected at this screen?

Ot do I remember it wrong?

Hope this helps


I see. Here, I would expect, you could select the USB-eLicenser.


You own Cubase 7.5 license, not Cubase 7.5 Artist. This is the problem.

Please get in contact with AskNet to refund your license and buy the proper update from Cubase 7.5 to Cubase 11 Pro.

got it. thank you!