No license code for Cubase LE 12

Hello dear Steinbergers.

I just downloaded new Cubase LE 12 software with HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE 5 and I can’t launch any of these products because my eLicenser cannot find any of licenses for it.

Also the function “Maintenance” doesn’t see any licenses to add.
Also I didn’t get the Download Access Code (DAC) in any of my mails.

With best regards, Karol. (:

Hi Karol,

Well, where did you get Cubase LE? Was it bundled with a Hardware? Was there a Download Access Code in the box? You will need a license to run Cubase LE. It’s not a free product.

Hi Matthias,

I got Cubase LE from offical Steinberg page but I didn’t really knew that the program isn’t free. Do I need some other hardware to obtain it?

Like he said, both Cubase AI and Cubase LE are exclusively available as a bonus with certain hardware, such as Steinberg’s own UR-C series of audio interfaces or Yamaha’s MODX synthesizer keyboard.

Alternatively, you can just buy Cubase Elements 12 directly from here, which includes more editing features than Cubase AI or LE:

Hello, Matthias! I have the same problem. I see Cubase LE license in software eLicenser, but in activation manager don’t.