'No License Found' - and 'upgrade' confusion

This morning, as on all working days since time almost immemorial, I clicked on the Dorico link - and got the ‘no license found’ message. It would be good to know why this appeared out of the blue, but also I don’t want to do anything stupid like lock myself out of the program. So what do I do faced with the attached screen?

It follows my following the instruction to enter my download access code, but the activation is for upgrading from 3.5, which isn’t relevant to my case (I purchased the upgrade to Dorico 4 Pro exactly a month ago). Is the red Upgrade button the one to press?

Perhaps this post is relevant to your situation?

O wow - that’s absolutely it. The ‘exactly a month ago’ bit did make me think something like this was at the root of it. Many thanks. I should read the pinned messages before doing a search. Mea culpa.

No. They shouldn’t predicate your purchase on a post-hoc temporal limit. That is sleezy of them, as is the theme of every interaction I have thus far had with this company. If anyone knows how (without jargoning away) to simply activate and utilize the licitly purchased licenses which are in need of transfer to a new “eLicenser USB thing” for lack of a better word, since some of these licenses are for products I licensed at full price almost a decade ago, but the old “USB thing” had been destroyed since then (I’ve moved a half dozen times - so once a piece of furniture crushed it - the properly recognized purchased replacement (this was around 2017) reauthorized as it should- next time, about a year ago, my puppy ate the USB thing for a treat (sounds painful for the poor pooch on the way out…) and upon purchasing the same authorized salesplace’s contemporary USB thing, and telling Steinberg to do the same (to the sentence - I basically copy and placed the old 2017 email) they have been of no use and I am literally in poverty, not just lacking in money coming out my rear end - I think this company forgets that normal people find their products valuable and at the same time very expensive, but worth it when they work.)

I have turned to this ‘forum’ since I don’t get any useful communication anyways else from Steinberg. PM me if you know how to get people to actually do anything about your legitimate issues (it doesn’t need to be fast - done now! - for goodness sake, they have had months).

It’s not sleezy. It’s a fallback in case the the authorization fails somehow. It gives you 30 days to get the activation secured.

Apart from a boilerplate acknowledgment (in German!); I have heard nothing further from Steinberg Support yet.

When it says that the dongle cannot be updated, does this mean that if I want to use v.3.5 I am to use it with or without the dongle?


Dorico 3.5 will continue to use the eLicenser in the same way as before, whatever happens with your upgrade. The upgrade process is all about setting up your v4 licence correctly - as part of that we need to check that you are in fact eligible for an upgrade which means we need to look up your v3.5 licence, and then, if you are eligible, we also need to mark the v3.5 licence in your eLicenser as having been upgraded. See Daniel’s post that Lillie linked to above.

I’ve done everything in that post and no joy. Now waiting for Steinberg Support to tell me what I have to do next to be able to continue my work.


I just brought up Steinberg Download Assistant and added the Download Access Code again (I had done that a month ago). It found my 3.5 licence, upgraded it and now D4 is licensed again.

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Just to let you know, I tried several times this afternoon without any success and just when I was writting a ticket to Steinberg I tried it one last time and it worked… I do not know why.

This is only my experience, anyway I think it is worth to keep trying it while you get official support.

Thanks. I tried again. I cannot get Dorico 3.5 to say “not upgradable”. Now the Licence Activation panel in Downoad Assistant is “Not repsonding”!

Why do we need three programs to unpgrade the Dorico 4 licence?


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I managed in the end to activate, but it did take 16 separate steps (which I noted down as I took them, making screenshots as I went along). I could post them here if you thought it would help, though my previous licence was an e-licenser and not a dongle.

Were your steps different from those listed by Daniel?
I have a dongle, which still seems to work.

There were a few extra steps which - and I hope I’m remembering this correctly - weren’t explicitly spelled out in the post, mainly involving exactly what to select in a dialog in a couple of steps, and which I missed the first one or two times I tried to follow the instructions. As I recall, it was the e-licenser step which I misunderstood more than anything, but there was a command elsewhere which wasn’t spelled out but which turned out to crucial (I can’t get to my notes for the moment, but they have the full details of what I did).

(Later) Here are the notes I made the time I was successful. They refer to screenshots which I made as I went along; I could post them if they were useful, but maybe the descriptions alone are sufficient.

  1. Restart computer (because my previous attempts to activate had led to the Activation Manager and/or the Download Assistant being unresponsive)

  2. Run SAM. It showed ‘Verification Pending’ (01)

  3. Top right menu – sign out – it showed ‘Confirm Sign Out’ (02)

  4. I sign out, and get the welcome and sign in screen (03)

  5. I close the program and wait for 20 secs.

  6. I run SAM again and get screen 03. I sign in, using the email and password dialog.

  7. I get two screens – ‘authorize’ (05) and ‘activate (04)

  8. 04 shows ‘verification pending’

  9. I find e-licenser in E-license Control Center.

I click the ‘perform maintenance tasks’ button

I get the soft licenser screen (06)

  1. I find the Dorico update to D4 email, with ‘download access code’

  2. I run Steinberg Download Assistant, and paste my code from step 10 into the field (08)

  3. I follow instruction to close the E-licenser Control Center and try again

  4. I get ‘Enter Activation code’ and ‘Dorico 3.4 not upgradeable’, and click ‘continue’ (09)

  5. I get ‘select license to upgrade’ (10) and click the soft e-licenser box on the left. ‘Upgrade License’ is greyed out, so I click ‘Dorio Pro 3.5’ on the right hand side also

  6. I get screen 11 (‘License upgrade’). I click ‘Finish License Activation’

  7. I get ‘Entitlement Information’ (12). I click OK.

  8. I sign out of SAM, and immediately sign in without closing the program (03); I get 04 again, with ‘Verification Pending’ still showing, but I click ‘Activate’ anyway. Success.

One thing that I discovered was that, though Daniel’s document saysSteinberg Download Assistant will automatically install the latest available versions of SAM, eLicenser Control Center, it doesnt. In my case I discovered that the date on eLCC.exe was 05/10/2021, though that on other files in C:/ProgramFiles (x86)/eLicenser/ was 13/02/2022. So I renamed the folder and found a means of downloading a new eLicenser and building a new folder. However, this still did not solve the problem… :smile:

Thanks! I will try all those things.

The other approach might be to ask what it was that we omitted to do when we initially installed Dorico 4. Whatever it was must have been done correctly by those who have not had the verification pending problem.

This was helpful. Not only was the box greyed out BUT it was also not completely visible at the bottom of the panel! As far as I can see, this panel is too small, and not being able to read the greyed-out box may be the reason why others are having the same problem as I did.

I clicked on Dorico 3.,5 and then on Upgrade Licence. Got "Licence Upgrade Successful (whicb is odd, because I thought that Dorico 3.,5 was supposed to be un-upgradable!). Click on “Finish Licence Activaiton”

SUCCESS!!! FANFARE!!! Dorico 4 runs again!!!

Opening eLCC.exe finds the declaration that Dorico 3.5 is unupgradable – at last!

I appear to be back in business thanks to you, Gareth. Many thanks! (Not yet heard from the Steinberg Support Team)

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I agree. I thought it was a shortcoming in my display, but spotting it (and getting the mouse cursor within the field!) was a crucial step.

Perhaps some other precautions are neccesary (on Windows):
Open your firewall for all Steinberg products.
Change your standard browser to one of the main products (Chrome, Edge, Firefox)
Deactivate all browser add-ons
Accept all cookies
Kill all background running Steinberg product processes via task manager

That helped for me - but…

Dorico 4 finally seems not to be running on Windows 7 any more. Only chance I keep my license is the possibility to use Dorico totally offline with Windows 10…