No license found on Steinberg Activation Manager even though soft e-licenser has been activated

Hi there, I claimed an offer from Audient ARC offering me Cubase LE. I’ve followed the instructions to activate the e-licences for Cubase LE and Retrologue 2, but the Steinberg Activation Manager shows that there’s “no licenses found”. Would greatly appreciate some help on this, as I am new to Steinberg and their software.

What release of Cubase are you trying to activate?

Can you post a screenshot from the eLicenser, but make all codes unreadable.

Hi Juergen, I guess I want to get the latest release which would be Cubase LE 12?

Here’s the screenshot:

So you have a valid license for Cubase LE and did you install the Software?

What release does it show when you start it? If it is release 12 you need to start the Activation Manager, login to your mySteinberg Account and activate it. Cubase 12 doesn’t use the eLicenser anymore

Yeah I do have a valid license and I’ve tried installing (and re-installing) the Cubase 12.0.50 software multiple times to no avail – the Activation Manager always shows “No Licenses Found”, as shown in the screenshot below…

Did you enter the code into the Steinberg Download Assistant first thing? Or did you enter it through the eLicenser Control Center?

I entered it through the Steinberg Download Assistant, which prompted me to activate the license through the eLicenser Control Center.

On a side note, only Retrologue 2 is shown under “My product downloads” in the Download Assistant, not sure if that has anything to do with my issue

Under the “Products” section in the MySteinberg account (online), am I supposed to see Cubase LE under Steinberg Licensing-based products, or eLicenser-based products? I am currently only seeing it under the latter.

That’s strange, it looks like you definitely should be getting the latest version of Cubase LE. I would recommend contacting Audient support about it.

In the meanwhile, you can download and install Cubase LE 11. The content in the Steinberg Download Assistant is the same between the two versions, so if you’ve already downloaded/installed the included plug-ins and their content, then they don’t need to be redownloaded.

I see, so it’s a problem with the Download Access Code that Audient gave me, and not with Steinberg? In that case, I will send in an email to them.

Just installed Cubase LE 11 and it works, so thanks for your help!