No license found !

Since several days, in addition to the most unstable daw on the market : cubase 9, I’ve got this message when I launch it for the 10° time of the day, after its crashes : no license !

So, I try to run the damned elicenser, let it do its job, then , at the 3° or 4° step, I get this message :
“Application ‘LCC2’ has caused the following error:
DCOM connection to program ‘Synsopos.exe’ failed.
Error:Unspecified error” :smiling_imp:

So now, I must unistall elicenser, then reinstall it to finally launch cubase !

It’s becoming a bit heavy !

I imagine this issue did happend to some of you…?

How did you get out of this one ? Help ! Thanks !


I’m sorry to say, but your system seems to ne pretty unstable.

It could be a problem with either the USb port or the eLicenser itself.

Actually, it’s an interesting indea. What if all of your crashes are related to the license (USB) issue?

Possible… But why all this mess happens at exactly the same time as cubase 9 ? I must say that the first time I installed it, my pc became so unstable that I backuped it to a perfect system image from august I made. And after to backup, of course I installed cubase 9 again. It’s a bit more stable but I can’t believe the mess that starts again doesn’t come from this version. Not 2 times !
My system works like a charm with the 8.5 !

But because I made this project I’m working on with 9.0.1 that won’t load on 8.5, I must first finish it before to go back on 8.5.

Anyway, I made some searching here about the elicencer issue without much luck. I already tried another usb port and it would make me sick to buy another usb elicenser !

Who had this elicenser issue and get rid of it please !

Could you share some crashlog with me (via PM), please? It would be interesting to investigate.

All of my projects started in 9 load fine into 8.5


Yep, Martin ! Please, tell me where to find the crash log file and I’ll send it to you… I didn’t find it yet and I don’t know where to look for…!

When I load a 9 version into 8.5, it doesn’t work. I guess it’s because it this file, I’m using some new cubase 9 plugins such as autopan, brickwall limiter and so on. Those are new version.

Just made a project in 9 with all the new plugins in including autopan and brickwall limiter
Worked fine when opened in 8.5
I think you have some real problems there.


C9 Plugins will not stop it from opening in C8.5 it should just open with them missing.

Crashdumps on Windows.:


If you run C8.5 now do you still the elicenser errors or is it only in C9?

it would help if you gave some more info…you haven’t even listed your o/s as far as I can see.

Don’t know if you will be able to read something on the log file ! :confused:

I use windows 7 64bit pro.

For the moment, I don’t use a lot 8.5 as I want to finish this project…
I was sur I can’t open it in 8.5 because of the new plugs… :question: :neutral_face:

But I believe I’ll have the same issue with 8.5, as it seems to be the elicencer that have the issue.

Yes, I will…

Sorry to take as much time to reply !

I’ve beeng seaching what was happenning to my pc… At the exact same time I installed C9, my both ram stick had serious damages ! And before to discover this, some time was needed…

So, I replaced the DDR3 in the computer. Now, I have to wait and see if it was the only issue.

Good to know.

Good luck, man!

Finally… If it If anyone is interested :mrgreen: :unamused: , I’ll stay with 8.5 which doesn’t crash every hour.

I had this incredible coincidence to have my 2 ram stick that died together at the same time I installed cubase 9 ! Amazing ! But I must say that cubase 9 still crashes (less, of course) with my new ram and a clean w7 install. And when it doesn’t crash during the session, it crashes when I close it and all the presets such as midi cc track preset I’ve made disapear for the next session !
All this just for the lower zone (I don’t use it), sampler track (I don’t use it) and all minor new features, it isn’t worth it. And I consider I lose 100€ for a non usable version… I prefer to wait for a :stuck_out_tongue: BUG FREE :laughing: update :laughing: Ah ah ah ! Bug free ! :unamused: I hope you appreciate my sense of humor ! :laughing:
Amongst those poor new features, the new autopan is very nice.

Like a lot of other people I read here, I go back to 8.5.

Thanks for the help, guys ! :slight_smile:

PS : for anyone who like my sense of humor, have a look of what Mr Steinberg says about cubase 9 stability :

:laughing: Ah ah ah ah ah ! :laughing: