No license to upgrade found

I upgraded my Cubase 10 LE AI Elements to Cubase Artist 12. It works, but it is still not activated. I can’t activate it, because eLicenser sees only my old Cubase 10 LE AI Elements version. Though Cubase website ( has my new version in the list. When I try to activate my new version I have a message “Please, connect USB-licenser”, but I know that I do not need that USB-licenser for Cubase Artist 12.
Actually I have “Cubase Elements 10”, but it is called “Cubase LE AI Elements 10”, so you do not have any chance to learn which version of Cubase you really have, unless you check your eLicenser. But what should one think if there is a contradiction between the name of the program on its icon (Cubase LE AI Elements 10) and the mane into eLicenser (Cubase Elements 10)? So I mixed them up and now I cannot get any license at all.
What should I do?


Cubase KE,AI and Elements are 3 different licenses. Which one exactly do you have? Did you buy the upgrade from that one?

I have Cubase Elements 10, but it has a desktop icon “Cubase LE AI Elements 10”
Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 14.31.36

and you can see these mark on the left-upper side of the Cubase window. So it is three different versions of Cubase in one.
Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 14.29.50


Yes, the application is the same, but the licenses are different.

So again, which license do you have and which upgrade did you buy, please?

eLicenser Control Center shows “Cubase Elements 10”. And it still does not shows my new upgraded to Cubase Artist 12 license, though I already entered activation code in the Downloading Manager.
Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 14.37.53

Please check your receipts/purchase confirmation email and verify that you purchased this upgrade:

If you purchased the wrong upgrade, please contact Steinberg Shop Support.

Of course, no. I purchased other upgrade, because I thought my version of Cubase is LE AI Elements and I choose LE AI version for 179 EUR.

But it is impossible to contact Steinberg Shop Support, because it sends me to a Ukrainian distibutor in Kyiv, and this distributor definitely knows nothing about my purchase, as I did it online.

Please follow the link I posted and select your payment method.

I did it. It sends me to Ukrainian shop in Kyiv.

I tried everything, but finally I get the page with that address:

Are you not seeing these buttons in the page I linked to?

I pressed the button, but I have two options further:

  1. Contact a shop in Ukraine.
  2. Login to create a ticket.
    I chose the second option and I have my shop.steinberg password not valid (but it was valid yesterday). When I chose “Forgot your password” I don’t get any emails to change my old password which was valid yesterday.
    Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 15.26.49

I understood why I could not log in to It is because I had passwords only for and It is impossible to log in with these passwords to, but one cannot get any passwords for asknet as well, as there is no such possibility there. But it is possible to create a ticket without being logged in after having “robot” test. I did it and created two tickets there. Hope, they will answer on Monday.

In your eLicenser Control Center, try to perform maintenance.
I switched from Artist to Pro and had a similar issue.

Of course, I did it many times. The problem is I made wrong upgrade having Elements in fact, but updating from LE AI. So now I maybe will have to upgrade it again and ask to get back my money for the wrong upgrade.


These are also 2 different licenses.

As I said, make sure witch license exactly do you have and buy the proper upgrade for the given license.

Of course, I know it. The eLicenser says that I have “Cubase Elements 10”, but I have already paid my money for upgrade from “LE AI”. Should I pay again for upgrading from “Cubase Elements 10” and after that ask Steinberg shop to give me money for the first upgrade back? I already sent two messages to Support, but they do not answer, maybe because of the weekend time.

This is my actual license:

This is the name of my version on its icon:
Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 14.31.36
So, I just thought that the real name is that comes first - LE AI. It is very confusing. But now I do not know what to do. I will wait till tomorrow for the Support answer.


Ask for the refund and by the correct upgrade.