No License to Upgrade Selectable - Cubase 12 Elements

Trying to upgrade from Cubase 11 Elements to Cubase 12 Elements. I go through the entire process, including updating the eLicense Control Center but always end with the same screen and message: “No License To Upgrade Selectable.” Any help would be apppreciated. Thanks,

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Which update exactly did you buy, please? Are you sure, you are owner of Cubase Elements 11, please?

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I have the same problem, except I’ve upgraded from Elements 10 to Elements 12. Cubase just warned me that 5 days are left from my grace period which I had no idea about. I thought everything was sorted in E-licenser. When I try to upgrade with the Download Access Code from the Download Assistant I get the ‘No License to Upgrade Selectable’ message. Have you found the solution yet? Thanks

Please take a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center with the serial numbers hidden, and which upgrade you purchased according to your receipt/purchase confirmation email.

Thanks, please see below.

I’ve solved it. Signing out and the back in Steinberg Download Assistant did the trick. It activated as soon as I singed in.

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I upgraded from elements 9 to elements 12. Had to reactivate my license for elements 9 (which is done under “my products” on the Steinberg web page) and then activate it in the eLicenser control center. After that I was able to activate the new code on my eLicenser.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Most probably you got a new system. This step is not necessary if Cubase (Elements 9) is working at your system already.

Cubase 12 doesn’t use eLicenser. The license sits in the Steinberg Activation Manager.

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HELP…I have a similar experience I have upgraded from element 7 to 12 in January the hard drive with the number appears to be ok on the elicenser control (The keys bundle) but has no product described in the licenses on the right. I guess that is why when I press continue to verify it says no license to upgrade selected. any suggestion to stop me going mental, thanks

Please take a screenshot of the main eLicenser Control Center window with your eLicenser serial number hidden, and which upgrade you purchased according to your receipt/purchase confirmation email.

Hi there thanks, I have purchased Cubase element 12 I bought the upgrade from cubase element 7, in the meantime because I am trying everything I somehow managed to ask an activation code for element 7 as I thought maybe i needed to update that first and now I have received a new activation code for Cubase element 7 and I have no idea what to do next

Please enter your new activation code for Cubase Elements 7 by clicking the green button to the top left.

Once your Cubase Elements 7 license appears to the right, use the Registration menu to register your Soft-eLicenser to your MySteinberg account, then run the Steinberg Download Assistant and use the “download access code” for Cubase Elements 12 again. This will upgrade your Cubase Elements 7 license.

I just did it twice and it keep saying activation code could not be identified… grrrr


There is no Soft-eLicendet number. First use the eLCC Helper to generate one. Then go thru the Reactivation process to get your license to this new eLicenser. Then you can update your license.

Maybe I should give you some background (I am sure that you have gathered that I am not technically minded) anyway, I had element 7 on an old computer which I used for many years. I try to transfer it to my present one and it wouldn’t recognise it although. I have reason to believe that it worked with 32 bit and 64 so I guess it should have been fine. I don’t recall ever having a dongle I bought it from a shop. I remember having some problem then and although i registered it it was never verified as such but it worked don’t ask me why. I have tried again as I asked for a new code which was sent to me but it doesn’t work. It is not that I am particularly interested in element 7 but do I need to load again the disc in order to proceed? as I said earlier it doesn’t allow me to do that

hi Martin thanks for joining in, I believe I did that. I am at the last step where it needs verification but when I press continue it says no license found

I have never been so frustrated for this ridiculous time that I am spending on this . I had no problem with downloading the Trial element 12 which I am using now which it will end in a week together with the upgraded version to element 12 that I purchased IF I DON’T VERIFY IT. I always thought that when you upgrade to something higher you will have extra bits on top of what one currently have. How wrong I was

To verify your Cubase Elements 12 upgrade, the license for your previous version of Cubase must be present on your current computer.

Please follow these instructions carefully to reactivate your license for Cubase Elements 7:

Please make sure that you’re copying and pasting your new activation code correctly.

thanks, It looks like is working now the installation of element 7 that is, I am at the stage of choosing if I want to 32 bit or 64 I believe I used 32 bit to record songs in the previous system, shall I choose 64 bit?

Installing Cubase Elements 7 isn’t necessary to verify your Cubase Elements 12 upgrade (only the license is necessary), but for compatibility with old plug-ins you might have used in previous projects, installing it as 32 bit might make sense. You can also install both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Please note that modern versions of Cubase are 64 bit only, and only support 64 bit plug-ins.