"No License To Upgrade Selectable" - Upgrading to 11 frm 8

The issue “No License To Upgrade Selectable” has been reported before. I checked some posts but couldn’t find a solution for my situation. Any tip is welcome.
I managed to pay and download the upgrade for Cubase 11, which was installed on my windows10 without problems. I have run Cubase 8 without problems, and updated the eLicenser Software.
But after entering the activation code the Elicenser returns the error code “No License To Upgrade Selectable”.


What edition of Cubase 8 did you own exactly, please (LE/AI/Elements/Artist/Pro)? Did you buy the correct update/upgrade, please?

If you have upgraded from Soft-eLicnese license (LE/AI/Elements) to an USB-eLicense (Artist/Pro), did you transfer your license from the Soft-eLicenser to the USB-eLicenser in the eLCC application first, please?

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Hi Martin Jirsak
many thanks for your prompt reaction, very much appreciated.
I have Elements 64 bit, I indeed transferred from the Soft-eLicenser to the USB.
And I presume / hope that I bought the correct update.
Do you know how I can check if this is the case?
If I made a mistake and bought a wrong update, how can I proceed?
Any other tips for troubleshooting are welcome
best regards


Before you update, you see the original license in the eLCC application. So I expect it should be Cubase Elements 8. Once you enter the Activation Code, you should see the upgrade name below.

If you bought a wrong one, you have to get in contact with the seller, return the product and buy the right upgrade, please.

Hi Martin,
I bought it from the Cubase Webshop directly online. I have a receipt. But no way to contact Cubase. So my posting here is the only thing I can do, as far as I understand.

I see all my licenses in the eLCC - and Cubase Elements 8 works fine. But when I want to enter the activation code for the upgrade, all options are greyed out.
if you have any more tips - they are very welcome.


Once you enter the Activation Code (can you do so), you should see the product name in the very same window, bellow the entered Activation Code. What is the name, please?

If you bought it from the Steinberg Online Shop, get in contact with Asknet, who is operating the shop, please.


First, please delete the screenshot. You shouldn’t post a screenshot with a Soft-eLicenser or USB-eLiceser Number, please.

OK it seems, you bought a wrong upgrade. First, you bought an upgrade from Cubase LE, AI, Essential or Sequel, not from Cubase Elements, you own. Second, you bought an update to Cubase Elements, but as far as I understood, you wanted to upgrade to Cubase Artist, right?

Asknet is the company operating the Steinberg Online shop. There is a contact on the invoice.

deleted the screenshot.
Okay - if you have a deeplink on the Cubase / Asknet Webshop where i could buy the Upgrade from Cubase Elements 8 to Cubase Elements 11, I would very much appreciate that.
on the invoice there is no contact info, but a link to a knowledge support database.


Unfortunately the links don’t work very well, because it’s a generic link to the Steinberg shop only. You would need the Update (29,99€), not the Upgrade, you bought.

See the attached screenshot, please.

Btw, for this type of update, you wouldn’t need USB-eLicenser. But if you have transferred your license to the USB-eLicenser already, there is no way back, sorry.

No way back? That sounds ominous :frowning:
I really must find out what version I have. If I hoover with my cursor on the Cubase icon I see this



Oh, sorry, I must be tired… It’s not important, what you have installed. It’s important, what license do you have (you can see it in the eLCC application). But to me it repay seems, you have Cubase Elements 8 license and the update would be the very same, if you would have Cubase Elements 9 or 9.5, 10, or 10.5 (for example thanks to the Steinberg’s Grace Period).

I mean you cannot move your USB-eLicese back to a Soft-eLicense. Your issue is solvable, no worries. :wink:

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