No License to Upgrade Selectable

Purchased upgrade from Dorico 1 to Dorico 2 and attempted a fresh install on a recently purchased laptop. When I attempt to start Dorico recieve the following error message:

No License to Upgrade
Connect USB-eLicenser which contains…

I had an old dongle for Cubase LE, but that has long since disappeared.

Any help getting going would be appreciated.


You need to install on the same machine that you’ve installed Dorico 1 on, or you need to transfer your Dorico 1 license onto a Steinberg dongle (usb elicenser).

I believe it should also be possible to use the ‘Reactivation’ button in MySteinberg to get a replacement activation code for your old copy of Dorico 1, enter that into eLCC and activate it on your new laptop (no need to actually install Dorico 1 itself: you just need to have the license), then you should be able to enter and activate your Dorico 2 update activation code.