No license transfer voucher for Backbone


I’ve recently upgraded to Cubase Pro 12 and successfully transferred my e-license to the new Steinberg Licensing System, which is awesome and I’m really happy that it had finally happened.

However, after reading a FAQ about ‘upgrade vouchers’ for supported software, I was hoping to transfer my Backbone license as well. Alas, the ‘Vouchers’ tab in my account was nowhere to be found.

I’ve checked the eLicenser and made sure that everything was registered correctly with Steinberg (and it seems to be), so my question is: How can I get a voucher to transfer my Backbone e-License to the new Steinberg Licensing System?

Plugging the dongle in order to be able to use one very specific plugin is plain silly now.

The Vouchers tab may be temporarily unavailable due to server load. Please try again later.

Thank you!

That was indeed the case. Will be sure to wait for 24 hours first, next time.