No lisence code included in bundled package

Hi people,

I have purchased a ‘‘new’’ Zoom R24 digital recorder at a large internet store in Holland. The Zoom R24 should come with a sheet with a license code for downloading and installing Cubase LE. But it wasn’t in the box.

This can be because of the fact that my device was used as a demo copy in one of their physical stores and the sheet is lost. Or it was purchased and tested by another person before me and was sent back to the store without the sheet with ther code. The store provides a 60 days money back guarantee. And in that case it can be that that person already used the code to download and test Cubase LE in conjunction with the R24, so in that case the code has already been used.

Now my question is if I can contact Steinberg so they can provide me with a new code for free? I can prove with a scan of my invoice that I purchaded the R24 recently. I purchased it as a new device although someone has tested it before.

I already contacted the support of the internet store but that hasn’t been a succes until now. I could return the device but I got it for a good price and they don’t have other copies in stock. I think the production of the R24 has ended and it is a great recorder for many purposes. I also suggested that they give me some of the monbey back to cover the absence of the code.

Regards, I hope someone can give me advice on this.

Hi and welcome,

Yes, get in contact with Steinberg or your local Steinberg support. They should provide a replacement Download Access Code to you.