No longer can click number to change track

As of the latest update you can no longer click on the number to change the track >

As can be seen it the picture when the mouse clicks the number it no longer switches track, this was something that worked prior to the update. I used all the time due to screen realestate

That’s not a clickable object – it’s a tool tip. You must actually be clicking on the track header.


Sorry been away from the computer for a bit. It was definitely more helpful if you could click on the number especially when the track sizes show nothing but the type and number a la >

When the tracks are this size it would be very handy if you could click either the number or icon to with the size displayed in the photo.
I must’ve had a glitch I thought was a function. But prior to the update clicking on the number for me would allow the tracks to change which was honestly very handy. Thanks for the answer.

The tool tip is the text box with yellow background that appears when hovering over an element, not the element you’re hovering over.

I’m not sure why this element needs a tool tip to begin with since it doesn’t provide any additional information.
Cubase 12 does not display a tool tip when hovering over track numbers.

Makes no sense. The thing is before the update it seems I had a bug that allowed me to click the number to switch track. Often a vst is hiding screen space and the only thing I can see of a track is the number and Icon so it would be a handy feature.