No longer frustrated with audio playback in Dorico 4! Great support from the development team!

Since I moaned fairly loudly about my frustration with audio playback in Dorico 4 on Windows 10 I thought it only fair to publicly thank Ulf for spending more time with me today to help me resolve my issues with playback. I can now use any of my playback devices, built-in speakers, cabled headphones, bluetooth headphones or bluetooth speakers thanks to his very patient assistance over a Zoom meeting this morning.

I am very impressed with the level of care the Dorico development team offers and the way they actually pay attention to our problems and requests. No other software I’ve ever used has had this level of support!

Thank you Daniel, Ulf, Lillie and all the rest of the team, as well as the many great Dorico users who are willing to help us less experienced users out!


@Ulf is a marvel! We’re all very lucky that he is willing to give of his time to help troubleshoot these issues in such detail.

I’m glad everything is now configured to your satisfaction, David.