(No longer reproducible) Snapped position is displayed while dragging unsnapped Event

  • Drag a note in the piano roll while holding Ctrl
    => exact unsnapped time position is properly shown

  • Drag an Event in the project while holding Ctrl
    => inaccurate snapped time position is shown

Hi djw - can’t confirm here, sorry… I’m trying this exactly as you have stated.

Also, I notice your playhead cursor is ‘snapping’ to new (1/4 beat) positions as you drag the event in the Arrange page; that isn’t happening here… I have the event moving freely, the Tooltip showing the freeform position ok and NO playhead movement at all.


If snap to grid is enabled then that’s just what it does for me, even if you’re holding Ctrl.

Why was this moved to Misc, because one person couldn’t reproduce it…?

it works fine here, m8

Then what’s going on in the gif?

At least it’s good news that some setting somewhere, or resetting my settings completely would most likely fix it.

hmm… not too sure at this point…

yeah, if all else fails, try to refresh your settings…

the first movements are with ctrl, the last few are without, so u see that it has snap on…