No mac guys yet raving about 64 bit??


I seem to remember 64 bit on Mac being a passionate topic of discussion back in ye ole forum.
Words like:
"When we finally get 64 bit (like the PC guys) blah blah blah…’

And not one post about it now?

OK. I’ll start.



Good work curteye.

Finally now there may be some peace in the world (and this forum).


horrrrayyyy!!! Cubase!!! (runs outside shoots off multiple bottle rockets)

oh wait… we will probably still have to wait a year for it be as functional…

I think i’ll still be bootcampin’ to get my 64 bit fix (especially exciting now that the Windows 7 euphonix drivers have been announced!!!)

But I really hope the bit bridge is better than the Windows version (or logic’s!) - considering there isn’t a OSX “j-bridge”
though this should (hopefully) put a fire under the ass of the plug developers to start pumping out some 64 bit VSTs!

None the less awesome news on all fronts :laughing:

I’m curious if the performance using the 64bits version is better or not…

… cause we have all moved to Logic Pro … :smiley:

… or windows!!!

We did it, when it was implemented in Logic Pro 9 :smiley:

Yes, with “some” critical limitations:

It’s a welcome addition and probably one of the biggest reasons I’m upgrading to Cubase 6. I’ve been using VE Pro to host some of the more heavyweight plugins in terms of RAM usage. Would be great to get everything loaded natively.

Like Orchetect I’m also using VEPro to do the heavy lifting, and yes, 64bit version of Cubase on Mac is a great addition. However, now that we have 64bit Cubase on Mac, we have to wait for all the plugins/instruments to come in 64bit-VST flavor. So it looks like nothing will change for a while.

I’m relieved, Curt. If 64 bit hadn’t shown up by now, I’d have to guess that support for the Mac platform was diminishing.

That said, something tells me I’ll be running at 32 for a while longer using VE Pro, which is a really good solution if a bit cumbersome at times. Let’s see-Spectrasonics plug -ins will work, Kontakt 4.2 is 64 bit I think…hmmm. Mostly that leaves Play for me…hmmm.

Eager to try 64 bit, but of course half my plug-ins will have to run in 32-bit mode, which could potentially lead to all sorts of new ‘issues’


Hey Steve, thanks for the YouTube videos on making trance. So for you, Cubase not Ableton for trance? It seems like every trance producer and instructional video uses Ableton. I’d love to justify sticking with Cubase to learn and create trance.

I recently asked the creator of Jbridge (i believe his name is Jay) about a Jbridge for OSX

jbridge is an awesome bit bridge for windows… i have been using it to run all my 32 bit plugs in 64 bit cubase — waves, UAD, amplitube, and what ever parts of komplete are still 32 bit

He said it wouldnt be something in the imminent future, but if he can do it he will! If that’s the case it could potentially ease the transition on OSX

It works super duper well and very stable (much more so than steinys)… recently When i had a mission critical situation Jay sent me multiple versions to fix what was going wrong with some of the UAD plugs (middle of the day, in a matter of minutes AND i made the deadline :wink:

IT also looks like Protools 64 bit is gonna happen relatively soon - so that should “inspire” more developers to create the 64 bit plugs as well!

His name is Johnny. I’ve spent a lot of time debugging Jbridge with him and he said OS X support is very unlikely as he does not have experience with Mac coding. Yes it is great for some things but there are a LOT of ghosts in the machine with Jbridge. I’ve run into a ton of bizarre phantom issues with it and I now avoid it at all costs. VE Pro, although more expensive, has been a vastly more stable solution in the interim.

how much more cumbersome is running VE pro??

I don’t use jbridge for too much other than the few audio plugs still in 32 (waves and UAD) - and it is relatively easy to set up and doesn’t impede on the work flow - there is some weirdness to it, but i have had pretty solid stability (with J’s trouble shooting aid of course)

What would be really awesome is a dependable bit bridge from steinberg…