No media/VST loading

Hi, I installed Cubase Elements 10 a few weeks ago. Only got the time yesterday to start using it.
When I opened it first everything was loading normally and i checked some sounds of Groove Agent.
Then I started another project. All of a sudden there were no drumsounds loading anymore. The area VST / media was there, but none of the options was highlighted and i couldn’t double-click or choose any of the options.
I looked around on youtube and this forum and decided to re-install groove agent. I did this a couple of times, no result.
What should i do now?
Uninstall Cubase and do the installation all over again?
Can I install it twice with the same code on the same laptop?


Hi and welcome,

You wouldn’t need to activate the product again, it is already activated in your Soft-eLicenser. You would need Reactivation, if you would change a system.

Instead of reinstalling, I would try to trash Cubase and Groove Agent preferences (rename %appData% Steinberg/Cubase and Groove Agent SE folders).

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your answer.
However I don’t really understand what your saying. Is ‘reactivation’ an option i can choose anywhere?
Also, what do you mean with “try to trash Cubase and Groove Agent preferences (rename %appData% Steinberg/Cubase and Groove Agent SE folders).”
(Yes I know I’m an idiot)

If you need to reactivate product(s) licensed on a soft eLicenser, you can do this using the “Reactivate” button in My Steinberg. However, uninstalling and reinstalling a product on the same computer does not require reactivation.

Open File Explorer and type %APPDATA% into the address bar, then press Enter. Go into the Steinberg folder. These are the preferences for your applications and plugins. If you rename the preferences for Cubase 10 (“Cubase 10_64”) and Groove Agent SE 5 (“Groove Agent SE_64”) to something else, you then have default preferences for those programs. If you want to reinstate the original preferences, delete the newly created preferences folders and rename the old ones back to their original names.

Say I wanted to try default preferences for Cubase 10. I might rename “Cubase 10_64” to “Cubase 10_64 OLD”. If my experiments with default preferences did not resolve the issue, I could delete the new “Cubase 10_64” folder and rename “Cubase 10_64 OLD” to “Cubase 10_64”.

Ok guys,

I have an update which will probably prove i’m a real dumbass, but i will persist :slight_smile:

Since i read everywhere that Groove Agent 5 was included in Cubase Elements 10 (I suppose this is correct?) i didn’t download Groove Agent.
This seemed to be right because the first times i opened Cubase i had access to the VST instruments. After a few times they disappeared (options weren’t highlighted anymore so i couldn’t choose them).

Yesterday i installed groove agent 5 from Steinberg Download Assistent>VST instruments.
I downloaded, opened and/or installed all items (installation guide, groove agent 5 and content groove agent 5) but when i open the thumbnail ‘groove agent 5’ on my desktop i get a pop-up that says
“No valid license detected for Groove Agent 5
Please connect your eLicenser and press ‘retry’.

Make sure to have an updated version of the eLicenser control center”

So i updated the aforementioned stuff. In the window of the eLicenser control center i only see a license for Cubase and not for Groove Agent. I don’t get this since i could download it in the first place and the Steinberg website states that Groove Agent is included…

I installed Groove Agent again and after i follow all the steps and open ‘Content Groove Agent 5’ (after the download ofc) i get a pop-up ‘Steinberg library manager’ with a pop-up on top that says
“No action was performed. The corresponding VST sounds are already registered.”

At the top of the pop-up 'library manager i have the choices
-groove agent
The groove agent menu has some styles like ‘proiduction grooves’ and ‘metal essentials’. On the right there’s a menu where i can choose ‘MOVE’. Where do i move it? Is this maybe the solution?

Sorry for this rant. I was going for exhaustiveness so i wouldn’t miss any details.

Hope someone can help me with this.



Maybe a screenshot would be better in this case.

You need a license for Groove Agent 5, this if an application with own license. Groove Agent 5 SE is part of Cubase licenses.

You installed the full version of Groove Agent 5 at this point which, as Martin points out, is a separate product that requires a Groove Agent 5 or Absolute 4 licence.

Groove Agent SE 5 is bundled with all versions of Cubase 10 and is included in the Cubase full installers. I do not believe there is a standalone installer for Groove Agent SE 5.

Similarly, HALion Sonic SE 3 and some content to use with it are bundled with Cubase (higher editions get more content), but the full version of HALion Sonic and HALion are separate products needing their own licence.

Damnit, then I still don’t understand why i can’t use the Groove Agent version that should be includedwith Cubase Elements.
Guess the best option is to install Cubase again or buy Groove Agent separately…

Run the Cubase installer again and uninstall Groove Agent SE 5 (I’d leave everything else installed). Reboot. Run the Cubase installer again and reinstall Groove Agent SE 5. Does Groove Agent SE 5 work now?